Minor Arcana Red Oak Tarot Pin


The suits of the minor arcana are engraved on red oak, the chaotic patterns of its grain invoking a mystic charm. Did these cards emerge from the woods? Will you find in their bark and rings the answers you seek?

As with all our pins, these minor arcana tarot pins are engraved on hardwood and hand polished and finished. The cards may fall where they will, but this tarot card pin will definitely stay where you pin it. Or if you prefer to mix wood and iron, a magnet back option is available as well.

- 2 inches wide, 1 1/8 inches tall, 1/8 inches thick
- pin back: two pins with black plastic back
- magnet back: single 1/2 inch magnet

Note on wooden pins: Please be aware that there's always variation in wood grain and slight difference in color, the grain and coloration of your pin will be similar to but not exactly the same as the ones pictured. It's part of the natural beauty of the material, and no two pins will be the same.