2020 Holiday Shipping

Here's the short version:

  • USPS says in order for a package to get to a US destination before 12/25, it should ship before 12/15.
  • For most international destinations it would be 12/7.
  • Because of 2020 those deadlines are more loose estimates at this point.

  • Therefore, this year I cannot guarantee that an order will arrive before 12/25 or any other special date in December!
  • But I'll do my absolute best to make sure your package goes out ASAP!

Here's a longer version:

The USPS publishes a set of deadlines for shippers every year, listing the last dates that a package must ship by for it to arrive in 12/25. You can read the full list here.

This does NOT mean that if you order by that date your package will arrive before 12/25! Depending on what and when you order, it will take anywhere between a day and a week to process. For example: pins that we have in stock get packaged super quick, while things like necklaces may take a day for assembly, and custom ornaments take upwards to week to design and make.

And yeah, those deadlines? They're more estimates this year. With a global pandemic and the GOP dismantling the US postal infrastructure things have been and will be late. Trans-Atlantic packages have been taking over a month to get to their destinations, so the USPS deadlines that say they'll get there in 14 days? Probably not happening.

This is all to say that, just like many things in 2020, shipping is a mess. So I absolutely cannot guarantee that packages will arrive before any special date you have in mind in December. In fact, I can guarantee that all international orders you make this month will arrive after Christmas! *sob*

That said, I will do my absolute best to process orders as quickly as possible and will be shipping more often in the coming weeks to make sure that your orders will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support, and your understanding! <3