Seanan McGuire "Store"

So hey, you ask, what's the deal with all the stuff made / designed by award winning author, musician, and frog fancier Seanan McGuire that's in this store? I thought I was here for magpies? What's up with that? Is this a scam? Did you steal Seanan's identity??? 

It's actually a lot less interesting and way more legit. Basically, Seanan has a lot of stuff and people want stuff from Seanan. However, Seanan hates shipping things. Meanwhile, I have infrastructure set up for selling, shipping, and doing all the boring business stuff because *see all the other shiny things here*.

So we teamed up to bring you this small corner of the booth where you can buy things from Seanan! For each purchase, a small amount after shipping / packaging goes to me, and then the rest goes to Seanan. So by buying stuff marked "by Seanan McGuire" most of the money goes to her and you are directly buying her cats the good food so they don't eat our flesh.

See how cute Meg is? Would you like her to consume our flesh? No, you really don't. Please buy Seanan's thing so she can feed Meg (and Thomas and Elsie and Verity).