About Us

Cute and classy, with a dash of warm and comfy. We design, make, and sell a fine selection of mostly hardwood pins, jewelry, and other fun stuff. From our original bestselling pronoun pins to adorable bunnies, fannish favorites to designs inspired by traditional fiber arts, we focus on soft, comfortable, and adorable things. With maybe a touch of snark.

The Story

Okay, "we" are actually a one person operation. Hi, I'm Wing! (Pronouns: She/They) I've always wanted an elegant pronoun pin that I could wear on my bag everyday, and after searching for a while for something that fits me I decided to make a couple for myself. Folks started asking where I got my pins, and the idea of a store was born.

Flash forward about a year, I left my job for health/transition reasons and finally had the time to make the store and all the art ideas I had over the last decade a reality. With the support of dear friends and the murder of crows that hangs out outside the studio, Sevenish Magpies was born!

Shop Smol

By shopping with Sevenish Magpies you are supporting not only me, a queer, trans, creator living near Seattle, you're by extension supporting other artists and designers and local artisans that I commission art and services from, friendly queer-owned tea and coffee shops that I work out of, and the crows and jays and a singular raven that eat the food on my studio porch. Caw!