Lesbian Pride Kitsune Necklace


Gonna drop out of the first person plural product description mode here, because I LOVE these fox friends and they mean to much to me. You know, that whole being a foxy lady who likes ladies thing. Also I love the red to purple spectrum of colors. Anyway, are you also a foxy lady who likes ladies? You should buy these. They're shiny. :3

Each of our kitsune necklaces are made from precision laser cut walnut / maple hardwood and mirrored acrylic, and hand pieced together with a faux leather back. With the unique grains on the wood no two pendants are truly the same!

- choose from walnut (dark) or maple (light)
- pendant measures 1 3/8 in tall, 2 in wide, 3/16 in thick
- silver color plated nickle-free metal bail and chain
- heart shaped toggle clasp closure
- can be pointy, not intended for small children

All our necklaces are shipped in white paper cotton-lined boxes and ready for gifting. Select a chain length (not counting clasp) from 12 in to 28 in. Want a different color combination? Contact us for a special order!