Stars Fall Home by Seanan McGuire

$17.00 / Coming Soon

One copy of the latest reissue of Stars Fall Home by Seanan McGuire! More details on the album can be found here: http://seananmcguire.com/albums.php

Though if you're here you probably know exactly what you're looking for, and, well, you found it! Hooray!

Ordering is open until 11:59PM PST Tuesday 5/4/21!

Anyway, before you order please read the following:

0. Shipping to the UK is not availble due to tax reasons. Sorry!

1. Shipping is a flat $3 to the US, $12 to Canada, and $13--17 to elsewhere in the world depending on where you are. Shipping is the same no matter how much you buy!

2. I'll be grabbing the CDs from Seanan the week after ordering closes and will ship as fast as possible after that. Please be patient!

3. Please contact ME (use the contact form in the menu on the right) for any issues with ordering or shipping, and not Seanan!!! She won't be able to help you (because I'm the one shipping), and if you contact her instead of me it just means it'll take longer for the e-mail to reach me.

4. If you order anything else from the Sevenish Magpies store in the same order then everything will ship at once (which probably means everything will ship once the CDs ship).