October Daye Preorder Pins by Seanan McGuire


In order to help indie bookstores get some preorders in during the pandemic, Seanan released these lovely October Daye pins (designed by Unicorn Empire) as free preorder bonuses for The Killing Frost (2020) and When Sorrows Come (2021). Because of minimum order quantities Seanan now has a bunch of extra pins, so we are selling them here to give folks who weren't able to get the preorder pins when they were released a chance to grab one or both (plus if you're a new reader now you can grab these pins too!). Also so we can free up some space for Seanan's ever-expanding Magic and Pony collections.

The first batch will be released Monday 9/15 3PM PST.

If the pins are sold out here, don't worry, we have more! We're releasing a small batch first and once these sell out we'll release another one. Watch Seanan's Twitter for yelling when we do that.

Also YES there are pins for the upcoming Be The Serpent as well and you can get one for FREE if you preorder from a participating bookstore! You can see a list of them here: https://twitter.com/seananmcguire/status/1542611844480634880