Xe/Xir + Any Pronouns Aluminum Pronoun Pin

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NOTE: These aren't regularly in stock! They are leftovers from a care package! Pick them up while you can!

These little metal pins are great at tagging your bag, shirt collar, jacket, or anything else you may be wearing with your pronouns. They may be small, but they make a big statement! They're made with a light anodized aluminum, with the design laser etched on the front.

- 1 inch diameter, 1/16 inches thick
- single pin with silver metal clutch backs

This is a pay what you can item in order to support folks who would like a pronoun pin but may not be able to pay the full price for whatever reason. There are several price choices from $4 to $8 (suggested price), and $9 if you'd like to help sponsor a lower cost pin. <3