Space Lesbian Shiny Heart Necklace


So there you are, world about to end, and you have no idea how to save it. What do? Well, just be super gay and let the power of lesbian space princesses take care of everything. Even if it doesn't work you'd still be super gay, which is not a bad thing to be when the world ends.

This is a shiny silver heart shaped necklace inspired by the final season of the new She-Ra series. It's made from silver mirrored acrylic so it reflects light brilliantly---it looks like it's a mirror surface! It comes with a chain with a heart shaped toggle clasp, or if you'd like you can just get the pendant with no chain. Please note that the chain length does not include the clasp and is measured from the place where the chains connect to the pendant!

- 2 1/2 inches wide, 2 inches tall, 1/8 inches thick
- silver color plated, nickle-free chain
- heart shaped toggle clasp