Sleeping Kitty Necklace

$10.00 - $25.00

Imagine: a sweet little kitty asleep on you and keeping you calm and comfy wherever you go. Isn't that wonderful? The logistics are a little hard with a live kitten, yes, and they probably will jump off when they're bored, but you can achieve the same effect with these cozy little hardwood pendants. Perfect for cat lovers!

Choose from maple (white), cherry (brown), and walnut (dark) for your kitty, or get all three for a smol discount.

- 1 inch wide, 1 3/4 inches tall, 1/8 inches thick
- pendants each come on a 24 inch ball chain

Note on wooden pendants: Please be aware that there's always variation in wood grain and slight difference in color, the grain and coloration of your pin will be similar to but not exactly the same as the ones pictured. It's part of the natural beauty of the material, and no two pins will be the same.