Minimalist Owl Cherry Hardwood Pin / Magnet


Owls are majestic, and look adorable as heck on a hat or jacket too. Except real owls would probably accidentally tear your hat up or poop on your shirt. So, um, these pins are the next best thing. Cut from cherry hardwood and laser etched, these hand-finished pins are great for incorporating a little wizardry in your life.

Magnet back option is available for our minimalist bird pins. Need to pin a to do list up? Use an owl! Because owls are smart and they can help you organize? Or maybe just cute?

- 1 1/8 inches wide, 1 1/2 inches tall, 1/8 inches thick
- pin back: two pins with black plastic backs
- magnet back: single 1/2 inch magnet
- pointy and delicate; not intended for children!

Note on wooden pins: Please be aware that there's always variation in wood grain and slight difference in color, the grain and coloration of your pin will be similar to but not exactly the same as the ones pictured. It's part of the natural beauty of the material, and no two pins will be the same.