Classic Guillotine Hardwood Kinetic Necklace


NOTE: Will definitely ship before Dec 1 but it may take a bit because these necklaces are made to order and I'm spending most of my time making stuff for GeekCraft Expo on Black Friday! Thank you for understanding!


Need the perfect statement piece for your goth revolutionary outfit? Or maybe you're trying to invent French Revolutionpunk which seeks to re-contextualize Les Miserables as a modern parable in the age of whatever hellscape this timeline is? Do you just want to wear a guillotine (with real chopping action!) around your neck because it's cool as heck?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes then you are cool as heck and also hey look I have the perfect thing for you. It's this thing. This thing that this page is literally selling.

These guillotine pendants are made from walnut (for that deep, dark, deathly vibe) or cherry (for an American twist on the classic) hardwood veneer on the front and back, with basswood and a piece of shiny mirror acrylic sandwiched in between. The "blade" does in fact move! The blade is designed to fall on its own via the simple application of gravity, but depending on humidity and the general mood of the wood you may need to help it along. You know, add that little personal touch to the execution of the whole thing.

Safety Warning: The "blade" is NOT sharp! It's a flat plastic edge and does not cut. However, it is a delicate and handmade item, and there are small holes and moving parts in this pendant so it is very much not intended for children.

- choose from walnut (dark) or cherry (lighter orange)
- pendant measures 3 1/8 in tall, 1 1/2 in wide, 3/8 in thick
- chain measures 2 in from clasp to pendant when necklace is worn
- silver color plated nickle-free chain
- toggle clasp closure
- delicate and handmade, not intended for children

All our necklaces are shipped in white paper cotton-lined boxes and ready for gifting. Select a chain length (from clasp to clasp, basically the loop around the neck) from 12 in to 28 in.