Bisexual Pride Moon Phase Necklace


Are you bewitching and bi? If so, this bisexual pride necklace is perfect for you. Proclaim your sexuality, let it be known that your love encompasses a glorious duality. Be gay, do crimes, where the crimes are being fabulous!

Our moon phase pendants are made from laser cut hardwood and mirrored acrylic, hand assembled and backed by faux leather. They go well with subtle, natural outfits, but can also just be a little dash of sparkle on that kinda extra look.

- choose from walnut (dark) or maple (light) hardwood
- pendant measures 1 7/8 in tall, 5/8 in wide, 3/16 in thick
- silver color plated nickle-free metal bail and chain
- toggle clasp closure

All our necklaces are shipped in white paper cotton-lined boxes and ready for gifting. Select a chain length (not counting clasp) from 12 in to 28 in. Want a different color combination? Contact us for a special order!